Cyber Crime Cell

Creation of the Cyber Crime Cell
In Tamil Nadu, in the year 2002, two Cyber Crime Cells were created; one is exclusively for Chennai Police and another at CB CID, having jurisdiction through out State of Tamil Nadu. The role of this Cell is to detect, prevent and investigate Cyber crimes that come under the ambit of Information Technology Act 2000 and assist the other Law Enforcement in the investigation of crimes in which elements of Computer related crime exists. The cases under I.T. Act 2000 have to be investigated by not below the rank of Dy. Superintendent of Police. The Cyber Crime Cell is functioning in the First floor , Block-3 Electronic Complex, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-32.

As per the G.O. (M.S) No.940, Home (Pol.XII) Department, dated. 3.10.2002, the State level Cyber Crime Cell, CBCID was formed with the sanctioned strength of one DSP, two Insprs, two SIs and nine other ranks including three drivers and started functioning since 05.05.2003. The Unit was declared as a Police Station vide G.O.(M.S) No.226, Home (Pol.XIV), Department, dated 18.02.2004 and the Officer in the rank DSP was declared as a officer in charge of the Police Station.


Hardware such as, six Computers including one server, one Laptop, six  UPS, three Printers,  eight  Cameras including seven Handycam, one Roller palm printer, one Digital Video recorder and 5 Digital Diaries and Software viz. two Operation Software, five Application Software and Utility Software such as thirteen Personal firewall (Norton), one Winproxy 5.X(10 user), one Encase version 4 and one Advanced Password Recovery Kit, Sharp LCD Projector are provided to the Cyber Crime Cell from the Hardware and Software purchased under MPF Scheme vide G.O.(D).No.269 Home (Modern) Department, dt:24.03.2003 and G.O.(D) No.143 Home (Modern) Department, dt:06.02.2004.  As per G.O.(3D) No.621 Home/ Modern, dt.28.06.05 and G.O.(D) No.445 Home / Modern, dt.11.04.07 one Digital Presenter was provided. As per G.O.(D) No.1118, H(M), Dept., dt.12.09.07 Fast Bloc Advanced Computer Forensic Data Acquisition hardware Tool and  Paraben Forensic USA Cell Phone Seizure Software & Cell Phone Seizure Tool Box were purchased under MPF scheme.

Types of Cyber Crime:-
Whilst the IT Act covers a broad area in Cyber crimes we can be more specific and list down the types of cyber crimes one encounters. These are:
  1. Internet Password Thefts
  2. Threatening e-mails
  3. Cyber Stalking
  4. Child Abuse/ Pornography
  5. Economic Offences
  6. Credit Card Number Theft
  7. Denial of service attacks
  8. Web page Hacking
  9. Domain name disputes/ IPR disputes
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